Color Options Abound!

Our goal from the start with Good Bones was to "do less", and let you, the uses "do more". Select your own colors, textures, fonts, and anything else you can imagine with our radically redesigned new Theme Options panels!

Quick Start Guide

Get a jump start with your theme by following our introductory “Quick Start Guide”. It covers everything from importing the demo content (if you want) to adding your first Homepage.

Theme Equilibrium

It was one of our primary goals to find the "Sweet Spot" with our latest theme... and we think we found it. Just the right amount of "sandbox" for developers and WordPress newbies to love!

Ultra High Retina Resolution

Don't stress over whether or not your site will look good on next-gen devices... Good Bones is designed to look sharp for years to come! By the time this theme is outdated, we'll have robots cleaning the dishes.

WP 3.6 Post Formats UI Ready!

We don't waste time - Good Bones is pre-packaged with WP 3.6 support for ALL Post Formats, no holds barred! Plus, it's a pretty great format to learn about the new formats like Video, Audio, and more!

Theme Compendium

If you get stuck anywhere, don’t fret – we have inline documentation for each option in the theme, and a detailed account of every feature found inside the theme right here in the dashboard.

Squeaky Clean, Polished Code

The original Super Skeleton framework was rebuilt from scratch to create Good Bones. We're using the purest, cleanest code ever - Pure REM Type Sizing, Semantic, well commented code, and it's all multi-browser friendly.

Theme SuperHero Powers

When we started considering new features for the next generation Super Skeleton 2 framework, we had no clue how freakin' amazing this was going to be...

Contact Forms & Subscriptions

Have your own favorite contact form or subscription plugin? We've yet to find one that doesn't integrate seamlessly with our theme. Don't know which one to choose? Pick from one of our recommended ones like Contact Form 7.

Lightning Fast Load Times!

Rewriting a theme framework from scratch means we were able to reduce the load times by over 500%! What's left? The cleanest, shiniest standards friendly code you can imagine.

Audio File & Playlist Ready!

When WordPress 3.6 drops in about a week, Good Bones already has you covered - play local Audio Files, embed from SoundCloud, share Spotify & Rdio Playlists and more!

Make Love to Mobile

The new framework doesn't just "do mobile", it gets all hot and steamy till you've got a big grin on your face. With features like a touch-friendly slide menu (try it!), collapsible content blocks, and touch-to-swipe interactive elements, you might want to get a room.

Save Time & Money

Look. A well coded theme will take days, even weeks less time to setup. With time-saving features like a Drag & Drop content builder, in-theme documentation (ditch the PDFs!), and "code free" customization options, why waste your time on anything else?

Rock Solid HTML5

This goes without saying, but Good Bones is built on good, clean, semantic HTML5 that'll juice your SEO like an energy drink crossed with a keg full of espresso. Good code means good searching!

Graceful CSS3

We rewrote our entire theme base when we started up Good Bones. Not that it was bad in the first place... we just wanted to get to the pure, clean, shiny bits of CSS that are guaranteed to play well with lots of browsers & developers alike!

Shopping! (Coming Soon)

We're already working on a WooCommerce extension for the theme... and yeah, it'll come free like all updates do, for life! Soon you'll be able to use the same great theme to set up your own stores!

Theme Overview