Quick-Start Guide

Get a jump start with your theme by following our introductory “Quick Start Guide”. It covers everything from importing the demo content (if you want) to adding your first Homepage.

Free the Colors!

Don’t get bogged down with the same color scheme for your entire site. Select custom colors for everything from individual pages to the buttons on those pages!

One Panel, A Universe of Possibilities

Control everything from our Options Panel. Build your own custom look using our "Skin Builder", hand-pick fonts from a library of 1,000's, and pick exactly what modules show up on what page. The control is back in your hands!

Theme Compendium

If you get stuck anywhere, don’t fret – we have inline documentation for each option in the theme, and a detailed account of every feature found inside the theme right here in the dashboard.

The Theme Options Panel


Intelligent Typography Management.

Preview fonts in real time. The entire Google Fonts library is included (and updates every week!) should you wish to create a custom look and feel for your site. We also include embed tools for Typekit and other services as well!

Documentation Where You Need It. In the Dashboard, not a PDF.

You can take your PDF reader and burn it for all we care… the instructions on how to use this theme are embedded right next to the elements that they correspond to. Got a question on an option? Just click the information-icon above it and a full set of instructions will roll out like a red carpet. Need even more documentation? We include everything you might find in the traditional PDF manual right here in the dashboard. Makes sense right?



The Visual Layout Builder.

What good is a sweet admin panel without content tools that match it? We’ve integrated the easy to use Elegant Layout builder into our theme with a few special extras that you won’t find in the original… like collapsible responsive columns, custom styling tweaks, and more. Build your layout, drop in your content modules, and you’re all set to go!